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About Us

Although the pandemic has caused much of the world to come to a standstill, we believe innovation and ingenuity have not ceased to exist, especially in students who have experienced the effects of COVID-19 firsthand. As a team of four motivated high school upperclassmen, we started AstraHacks, a female-led hackathon that aims to empower high school students to design an application that targets a problem being faced by society during the COVID-19 pandemic. AstraHacks 2020 will be a nine-day event starting on August 28th with guest speakers, expert mentors, and prizes. We are hoping to provide inspiration to many students whose summer programs have been canceled and would love to have you stand in support with us.

Meet The Co-Founders


Suhani Singh

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Technology Director 

Hi! I am a senior in a highschool in the Bay Area. I am passionate about computer programming and I have experience with Java and Python. I enjoy coding, creating art with oil pastels, and spending time with my friends and family. 


Aashvi Rastogi

Operations Director 

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Hello! I'm a junior in high school in the Bay Area. I have been coding since the sixth grade and I have experience in Python and Java. I am extremely interested in forms of AI and ML such as tensorflow and IOS app development. Outside of programming, I enjoy cooking, listening to music, and watching tv shows with my friends and family. 


Meghana Muddireddy

Marketing Director 

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Hi! I am a junior in high school in the Bay Area. I have been coding since I was in seventh grade and have experience with Java and Python. I am working on expanding my coding skills to other languages as well. Other than programming, I enjoy reading, music, and playing volleyball. 


Vaishnavi Ramanujan

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I am a rising senior at Lynbrook High School with a passion for computer science. I am a big believer of technology for social good, as it is the key to the future. Everyone has a role to play in the solution of the problems plaguing society and I am glad to be part of AstraHacks as an avenue to discuss solutions, particularly for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Logistics Director 

Meet Our Mentor

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Afrah Shuja

Lead Mentor

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I am a basketball addict, avid conversationalist, and psychology enthusiast :) I am excited to be a mentor for AstraHacks 2020!

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