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What is our goal?

To help students by teaching them coding and help the community in the process.

What is the cost?

None it's free!

Who can attend?

Only high school students can be participants.

What will I need?

Fully charged laptop, good wifi connection, comfortable and safe place to work, a working microphone, and speaker on computer. We also recommend having all the following applications downloaded prior to the hackathon.

How do teams work?

We can help create your team or you can sign up with your own.

Do I need any programming experience?

No! Although it would help create a stronger application, we will have workshops teaching you some basic code.

What are the prizes?

More info on this will be coming soon!

How will judging work?

We will have experienced and unbiased individuals from the Computer Science industry judge your final projects.

How will mentoring work?

Mentors will be: experienced and unbiased individuals from the Computer Science industry, and also high school students who are not participating but have a strong computer programming background, help you on your final projects.

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