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Main Hackathon Weekend

Goal: Create an application or website which can help the community in some way during the pandemic, examples being:

  • Ways to help and promote the Black Lives Matter Movement

  • Ways to help small businesses during the pandemic

  • Ways to help people’s mental growth and physical health during the quarantine

Group Requirements:

  • Levels: Intermediate and Advanced

  • Max 5 people per group

  • Must have access to a computer and proper internet connection throughout the competition


Submission Requirements: 

  • Please include a screen recording of the demo for the project you worked on 

  • Each group member must speak at least once during the presentation 

  • The judges’ questions will be emailed to the groups 

  • Please also include a google folder with source code, comments, any images you used, and the various components of the project

  • Keep track of the deadlines on google classroom 

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